Sexiest Fringe World Festival Shows


The Fringe World Festival Northbridge sets the whole town abuzz in a blaze of twinkling fairy lights, Chinese Lanterns and circus-esque tents. In 2016 it’s back from the 22nd Jan till the 21st Feb and we cannot WAIT!

It seems like there’s never enough time to cram in all of the shows that Fringe brings, never afraid to push the boundaries with shows that are thoroughly entertaining and super hot as well as sometimes controversial. So what are the Sexiest Fringe World Festival Shows this time around? We’ve taken a peek at the line-up and come up with a list of shows we think sound  most delicious – all rated ‘very hot’ and 18+ only, of course! There’s a range of everything from sexy cabaret by buff boys in briefs to raucously inappropriate comedy by obese escorts and lapdancing Cupid. Check it out!

Fringe World Festival

Fringe World Festival


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