Sexiest Fringe World Festival Shows


Cupid’s School of Tantric Lapdancing for Couples

Cupids School

The name itself is enough to pique our curiosity! Teamed with the curious photo on the listing, this comedy show looks like one that would be right up our alley. From the listing:

“Cupid likes to play. He has dedicated himself to teaching and spreading the art of tantric lapdancing. Should you attend prepare yourself for a seriously sensual time.”

Details and bookings at the Cupid’s School of Tantric Lapdancing for Couples  Fringe World page.






DIVA is a black comedy centred around an aged opera singer struggling to deal with a life far less glamorous than days past.  The 2014 performance  at Fringe Festival won multiple awards and received rave reviews, described by The West Australian as “An affirmation of life in all it’s heartbreak, darkness and obscenity. As powerful and beautiful as you’ll get anywhere. four and a half stars.”

Details and bookings at the DIVA Fringe World page.

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