Swingers Party Dress Code


Swingers Party Dress Code

It’s easy picking out an outfit if you’re going to the movies with your boyfriend or if you’re expected over to a friends’ barbecue party. Smart casual is always the way to go.

However, what are you supposed to wear to a swingers party? It’s hard to know unless you’ve been to one before. Are you meant to wear over-the-top, sexy outfits that leave nothing to the imagination or do you make no effort since you might have to take everything off once you arrive at the party? What is a swingers party dress code?

Just treat swingers parties and events like you would any other slightly less casual occasion. You want to be comfortable but you want to look like you’ve made an effort to look attractive to other people. There’s certainly no need to bear lots of flesh, but it’s good to make a sexy first impression.

The best thing to do is dress as though you are going on a first date with someone. You want them to think you’re hot but not get any wrong ideas either way. Don’t dress like a nun but don’t have your boobs and bits hanging out. Guys in particular should make an effort since we know women are harder to please 😉

Also pay attention to the dress code given by the party organiser. If they want you to come in a theme, do make the effort. Otherwise just go with something that makes you feel hot, sexy and invites people to want to talk to you.